VK-75SE Amplifier

Balanced Audio Technology

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-75SE establishes a new standard of transparency for tube amplification. This unique Special Edition design incorporates the 6H30 SuperTube, introduced to the audio world in our reference VK-50SE preamplifier. Operating in BAT s all-triode, fully balanced, zero-feedback topology, this driver tube feeds the power tubes a waveform of unprecedented delity. With this pristine signal, the virtues of the single-ended bridge design are multiplied, resulting in a presentation of the musical event that is astonishing in its realism.


The VK-75SE is startlingly quiet. Instrumental timbres are rendered with effortless accuracy. Retrieval of the subtlest ambient information, coupled with the completely natural decay of musical tones, creates a spatial illusion constrained only by decisions in the recording booth. The VK-75SE’s sound is virtually grainless, sharing the liquid ease of previous tube designs without their thickening of instrumental images. The VK-75SE sounds like no other amplifier, tube or solid-state. More than ever before, it sounds like no amplifier at all. Just music.


Supported by its own dedicated power supply, the 6H30 SuperTube s high current, high transconductance, and low plate resistance allow it to track amplitude changes in the musical signal with vanishingly small error. This accuracy makes possible the VK-75SE’s superior ambience retrieval, but it also works in synergy with the VK-75SE’s 6C33C-B power tubes to create dynamic responsiveness. Each note’s fundamental and its harmonics retain their correct relative loudness, defining timbre and texture. Microdynamic shadings are rendered with delicacy. The slam and growl of orchestral thunder remain visceral and undiluted. If, as scientists assert, dynamic honesty remains the most recognizable difference between live music and recordings, the VK-75SE closes the gap substantially.


The VK-75SE features BAT’s sophisticated automatic bias control for each individual output tube. Complementing the amplifier s convenience and remarkable sound is a redesigned two-piece black and silver faceplate machined from block aluminum, incorporating an elegant wing that dissipates heat and provides additional vibration control for the sensitive driver stage.


The monoblock version of the VK-75SE, the VK-150SE supplies a prodigious 150 watts of output power. The stereo VK-75SE can be fully upgraded to VK-150SE monoblock status. In either version, BAT special edition tube amplifiers join our special edition preamplifiers and CD player at the edge of the art of music reproduction.