VK-75 Amplifier

Balanced Audio Technology

The BAT VK-75 brings new power and performance to the most advanced vacuum tube amplifier architecture on the market today. Like its predecessor, the classic VK-60, it incorporates all-triode, zero-feedback topology, fully balanced operation, the ability to drive difficult loads and true automatic biasing! Combine this heritage with greater power and a refined circuit design, and the result is an amplifier that reproduces music with complete authority!

The VK-75 offers the startlingly lifelike midrange of the best single-ended amplifiers while delivering the punch and frequency extension associated with push-pull models. Its single-ended bridge design gives the VK-75 the sound BAT is famous for: open and delicate, with effortless dynamic responsiveness. The VK-75 captures spatial information superbly, and places properly scaled, fully rounded instrumental images on a panoramic soundstage.

Dynamic or hybrid speaker systems often require substantial current to achieve optimal performance. The VK-75’s 6C33C-B power tube is unique in its ability to deliver high current at a relatively low plate voltage — several times more current than the popular 6550 power tube. It vastly simplifies the output transformer’s task of transferring power to demanding loads. With a completely re-engineered power supply providing 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the VK-75 drives real-world speakers with commanding authority.

The VK-75 eliminates the traditional headache of tube power amplifier ownership—the constant need to adjust the bias of the output tubes. It features a sophisticated automatic bias circuit that performs real-time bias control of each individual output tube. Without sonic penalty, the automatic bias circuit compensates for the break-in, aging and variation of tubes as well as fluctuations in line voltage. Just turn the VK-75 on and enjoy the music!

The monoblock version of the VK-75, the VK-150 supplies a prodigious 150 watts of output power. The stereo VK-75 can be fully upgraded to VK-150 monoblock status, maintaining the commitment to a rational upgrade path that has won BAT unprecedented customer loyalty. In addition, both stereo and monoblock versions can be upgraded to BAT’s signature VK-75SE and VK-150SE editions, which incorporate the unequaled Russian 6H30 Super Tube in the driver stage. In any configuration, the BAT VK-75 Tube Amplifier delivers world-class performance!


Number of Channels: 2
Watts per channel at <3% THD, 8 Ohm or 4 Ohm: 75 W
Frequency Response @ -3dB: 7Hz - 80kHz
Input Connection: XLR
Input Resistance - phase to ground: 215k Ohm / 100 k Ohm
Input Sensitivity: 1 V
Power Supply Energy Storage: 550 joules
Power Consumption Idle: 500 VA
Full Power: 1000 VA
Tube Complement: 8 6SN7
4 6C33B
Dimensions (W x H x D): 17" x 8" x 24"
Weight - unpackaged: 85 lb.