Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology’s groundbreaking VK-6200 multichannel power amplifier satisfies the demands of the most sophisticated home-theater system while simultaneously playing music with the characteristic open, uncompromised sound that has become a BAT hallmark. Until now, the compromises required to fit several channels of amplification into a single chassis have restricted sound quality—even for high-end components. Competitors’ best designs often require an expensive commitment to buy a “fully loaded” configuration. The VK-6200 is different. Its modular design accommodates up to six discrete 200-watt amplifier modules. Fully balanced, the VK-6200 can also be purchased in any configuration—from two to six channels.


In most home-theater amplifiers, all amplifier channels share a single power supply transformer to conserve space and parts cost. Not so the VK-6200. Each of the unit’s power amplifier modules bears its own dedicated power supply with a huge, 700VA toroidal transformer. Driven by this rock-solid power source, BAT’s zero-feedback, balanced topology furnishes consistent and captivating performance no matter how the amplifier is configured. The sound is open and delicate, with effortless dynamic capability. Delivering 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms, the VK-6200 is a genuine state-of-the-art product.


In its two-channel configuration, the VK-6200 often outperforms reference-level audio amplifiers. In multichannel mode, it serves as an ideal solution for power bi-amping, tri-amping, or multi-room audio systems where exacting sound quality is required. Imagine matching a three-channel VK-6200 with our VK-655SE or REX II monoblocks to create a five-channel home theater. Or, apply the VK-6200 in a four-channel configuration for the ultimate in power bi-amping for two-channel stereo. Want to fully load the VK-6200 with six channels to create a standard-setting 6.1-channel theater? No problem. Such extraordinary versatility and rational upgrade path mean you’ll love the VK-6200 in every imaginable application.


Output per channel at 8Ω/4Ω 200W / 400W
Output in Mono Configuration 8Ω/4Ω n/a
THD at full power 0.1%
Gain (Nominal into 8Ω) 23dB Balanced / 29dB Single-Ended
Number of Power Cords 1
Power Consumption (Idle/Full Power) 80W/1800W (w/ 6 channels)
Dimensions (WHD) mm 480 x 280 x 580
Conversion to Mono? 2,3,4,5 or 6 channels
Frequency Response 2Hz to 180kHz
Input Impedance 50 kΩ
Tube Complement n/a
Remote Control 12V Trigger Input & Output
Dimensions (WHD) Inches 19" x 10.5" x 23"
Weight 100 - 180 Lbs