VK-3iX Preamplifier

Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce the all new VK-3iX balanced preamplifier as a replacement for the classic VK-3i series. The VK-3iX is not a simple update to the existing VK-3i, but a completely new design featuring a new industrial design, circuit boards, as well as SIX-PAK™, SUPER-PAK and Special Edition options. The VK-3iX is a dramatic rethinking of an industry classic preamplifier that now incorporates many design aspects from BAT’s reference preamplifier line. With the introduction of the VK-3iX, Balanced Audio Technology has not only improved the sonic performance and industrial design of the base model, but offered a powerful mix of often requested options to further enhance the performance of this standard-setting product.

Superb Musicality

The VK-3iX’s design is centered around the ability to preserve subtle musical nuance as well as it conveys musical pace and excitement. The VK-3iX relies upon BAT’s tried and true Unistage® design to eliminate complex buffer or follower circuits. Vacuum tube current sources remain in the power supply to contribute to the VK-3iX’s ability to portray the natural color and emotion of the musical performance. Just as in BAT’s reference VK-51SE preamplifier, Vishay resistors are now incorporated into the series-pass element of the shunt volume control to provide a wonderful sense of transparency and top-end extension. The power supply of the VK-3iX delivers a sizeable increase in energy storage to offer a complementary increase in low-end heft and authority. The result is a top-to-bottom improvement in musical clarity and expression.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

The front-panel of the VK-3iX now incorporates a similar look and feel to Balanced Audio Technology’s reference preamplifier line. The sculpted front panel provides a balanced and graceful appearance to complement the improved internal circuit design. The beautiful simplicity of the original VK-3i’s user interface remains for those who prefer a less programmed approach to life. At the same time, the optional remote control remains machined from solid metal. Sculpted, black, and wondrous in its simplicity; Balanced Audio Technology’s VK-3iX is in every aspect a truly balanced design.

Powerful Extensibility

The VK-3iX offers a wealth of options that allow the customer to tailor their preamplifier order to their individual specification. As before, you can add options for remote control or moving-magnet/moving-coil phono capability. For greater low-end authority, add the same SIX-PAK capacitor option that is incorporated into BAT’s reference VK-51SE preamplifier. For still greater dynamic authority, add the SUPER-PAK option to more than double the VK-3iX’s power supply energy storage. For the ultimate version, order the VK-3iX SE or Special Edition version. The VK-3iX SE combines BAT’s 6H30 SuperTube, SIX-PAK, and SUPER-PAK together in our most affordable Special Edition preamplifier.


Inputs: 2 XLR and 3 RCA
Polarity: Non-Inverting
Volume Control Resolution: 99 Steps of 0.5dB to 1dB size
Output Impedance: 1 kΩ
Maximum Output Signal: 40 Vrms
Noise (Unweighted): -100dB
Dimensions: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"
Outputs: 1 XLR and 1 RCA
Maximum Gain: 20dB
17dB for SE version
Frequency Response @ Unity Gain: 2 Hz to 300 kHz (at -3dB
Minimum Power Amp Input Impedance: 10 kΩ
3 kΩ for SE version
Distortion at 2V Output: 0.01%
Tube Complement: 4 6922 and 2 6V6
2 6H30 and 2 6V6 (SE Ver
Weight (Unpacked): 30 lb.