VK-32 Preamplifier

Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce the VK-32 balanced preamplifier, a substantial redesign of our already highly regarded VK-31 model offering.

The VK-32 is in many respects a ground-breaking product from Balanced Audio Technology. It offers the same modern user interface as BAT’s flagship REX preamplifier, combined with vacuum-tube current sources in the power supply, and BAT’s renowned Unistage® topology that uses a single gain stage with no buffers or followers. The flexibility of the VK-32 design is enhanced by optional X-PAK accessory boards that allow the customer to replace the 5881 vacuum tube current sources with 6C19 vacuum tubes or 6H30 SuperTubes. This simple changeover allows the customer to tailor the sound of the VK-32 to best match their system needs. For the customer that would like the convenience of a built-in phono preamplifier, an optional phono module can be installed that accepts either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges. And finally, for the ultimate in upgradeability, the customer can have their VK-32 preamplifier fully upgraded to the VK-32SE. preamplifier at any time.

As in all Balanced Audio Technology products, the emphasis in the VK-32 remains on the reproduction of music with the greatest finesse and the finest portrayal of musical texture, color and emotion. Elegant C-multiplier power supply filters are employed on both the positive and negative rails of the VK-32 and the power supply also features symmetrical positive and negative rails – both features a substantial enhancement over the design of the already stellar VK-31. preamplifier. These design changes contribute to an enhanced sense of silence between musical notes. The use of 5881 vacuum tube current sources augment the symmetry of the power supply design to reveal greater nuance and texture in the reproduction of fine musical detail. As always, custom oil-filled capacitors are used at the output to maintain the superlative musicality that all BAT preamplifiers are known for.

The sum total of these engineering and parts improvements makes the Balanced Audio Technology VK-32 the odds-on favorite of any line-stage preamplifier at or near its quite rational price point. In sum, the VK-32 offers compelling sonic performance combined with superb flexibility and a wonderful upgrade path to the VK-32SE. Even the front face plate is available in either a two-tone silver and black finish or all black, to best match the cosmetics of a customer’s existing system components.

Visit your BAT audio specialist today. All you need to do is listen.


Inputs: 2 XLR + 3 RCA
Outputs - Tape: 1 RCA
Global Feedback: None
Volume Control Number of Steps: 140
Input Impedance (minimum): 100kΩ
Noise (unweighted): -90dB
Maximum Output Signal: 30V
Power Consumption: 130VA
Weight: 38lb.
Outputs - Main: 1 XLR + 1 RCA
Maximum Gain: 17dB
Volume Control Resolution: 0.5dB
Frequency Response: 2Hz to 200kHz
Output Impedance: 300Ω
Distortion at 2V output: 0.01%
Absolute Polarity: Switchable
Dimensions: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"