System Enhancer USB

Purist Audio design

Purist Audio Design invented the original System Enhancer in 1993. Today, we are bringing it to your music server. The Luminist USB System Enhancer features expanded, and intensified algorithms. These improvements work hand-in-hand with the shielding in Luminist cables. The System Enhancer will condition all components of your system–or any system you own, through the power of your music server.

The System Enhancer works on three parameters: frequency, rate, and amplitude. By using these three parameters, it removes molecular stresses and residual magnetism while “opening” the system and allowing it to perform at its full potential. The tones and signals generated by the Luminist USB System Enhancer are presented in the optimal frequencies and amplitudes to perform the enhancement process completely, in the shortest possible time.

The Luminist USB System Enhancer is simple to use, and we invite you to try it. You will hear striking improvements in the sonic characteristics of your system, presenting an enhanced “air” and transparency. A more accurate, stronger, and sophisticated reproduction of overtones, harmonics, and dynamics will appear. The USB System Enhancer will help provide an extraordinary musical experience!

We invented the System Enhancer. Why not hear what 30 years’ of experience can do for your system?