Square One

Wilson Benesch

The Square One loudspeaker exists because of our belief that the design philosophy and technology developed for the companies reference lines, could be distilled in a beautiful, handcrafted loudspeaker based on a more traditional aesthetic and cabinet material choice.

The revolutionary Tactic mulitrole Drive Unit, delivers both the midrange and bass frequency in the Square One. This powerful, dynamic drive unit is complimented by a bespoke, Wilson Benesch spec, Scanspeak Tweeter. A minimal crossover design, which sees no crossover on the Tactic Drive Unit and a simple 1st-order tweeter crossover, allows for seamless integration across the frequency range to deliver the family Wilson Benesch sound from 45Hz to 24kHz.

The Square Series II sound is more than the sum of the drive unit technologies it boasts, internally Wilson Benesch has applied design philosophy developed for its reference loudspeaker lines ensuring that both series share a family sound and class leading signal-to-noise ratios.

Finished with a high gloss or matt veneer expertly handcrafted by Bentley Motors trained craftsmen and the low profile laser cut steel grill create the finishing touches to a remarkable, British built loudspeaker.



Familiar from the Odyssey Range and the Wide Bandwidth Collection, the ScanSpeak Tweeter is a 25mm (1”) fabric-dome tweeter. The tweeter has been modified to a Wilson Benesch specification, featuring an improved magnet assembly and no ferrofluid.


Having secured a £250,000 DTi SMART Award from the government as part of the development of the Chimera loudspeaker, Wilson Benesch developed its on drive technology in the shape of the highly regarded tactic drive unit. A blisteringly fast and dynamic multi role drive technology manufactured entirely in house alongside the unique Semisphere tweeter. The Tactic drive unit at the heart of the Square One, is a highly optimised engineered component built to the exact requirements of the Square Series II.


Each Square One, like any Wilson Benesch product has been built by a team of highly trained craftsmen. The cabinet design, like the Tactic drive units at the heart of the Square Series II, is the result of a fastidious attention to detail and engineering excellence. It is the same team of engineers and craftsmen that are responsible for the Cardinal flagship and for this reason you can be sure that the Square One is a true high end speaker system


At the rear of the Square One cabinet, a unique, high energy loss diaphragm effectively deals with out of phase energy to improve dynamics and perfectly damp the exuberant capabilities of the world renowned Wilson Benesch Tactic drive unit


The Square One features a ported enclosure, with two ports in the underside of the cabinet. The ports have been tuned optimally in accordance with the specific characteristics of the drive unit, extending the bass response of the drive unit


Speaker stands can be regarded as an integral part of a loudspeaker system since attaching an enclosure to a stand couples the two in terms of energy transfer. The Square One can be supplied with a high integrity stand, designed to bolt securely to the four stainless steel spacers attached to the underside of the cabinet. At the base of the stand is a high-mass laser cut steel foot that ensures stability. Four precision machined spikes couple the Square One stand to the floor, with the two adjustable rear spikes providing height and tilt adjustment. For use on hard floors, the stand can be supplied with in-house machined floor protectors.


DRIVERS 1 x 25mm ( 1") Wilson Benesch specification soft dome tweeter
1 x 170mm ( 7") Wilson Benesch Tactic I mid/bass drive unit
CONSTRUCTION 2-way, ported enclosure with Assisted Bass Radiator
Internally damped with critical mass damping pads.
PERFORMANCE 2-way, stand mounted loudspeaker
Impedance: 6Ω nominal / 4Ω minimal
Sensitivity: 87dB at 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V Input
Frequency Response: 45Hz - 24kHz +/- 2dB
Crossover Frequency: 5kHz
Minimum Amplification Power Recommended: 100W / channel
DIMENSIONS Height: 325mm ( 12.8") / 967mm (38") with stand
Width: 200mm ( 7.9")
Depth: 285mm ( 11.2")
Volume: 10L
Weight per channel: 10kg (22lbs) / 20kg (44lbs) with stand
FINISHES Bespoke cabinet options


EST BUY / Meuille achat, Haute Fidelite, 2012 (FRANCE)