Nexus 10i


The Atacama Nexus 10i speaker stands (including free gel pads) are the tallest 1000mm high version of the award winning Nexus speaker stands, an ideal choice for smaller speakers to get them at ear level or if you simply want your speakers higher in the room. They are often the speaker stand of choice for rear satellite speakers in a home cinema set-up.

A range of top plate sizes are available (select the one that best suits your speakers so the top plate is slightly smaller than the speaker).

Precision Made

These stands are manufactured from heavy gauge steel and the assembly is made using upgraded high tensile fixings to maintain optimum rigidity. The top plate is manufactured from 4mm thick steel plate and base carpet spikes are supplied as standard. If you are placing the stand on a wooden floor, we recommend also ordering Atacama Spike Shoes to protect your floor.

Fillable Design

For the best performance, the centre column can be filled. We recommend filling withAtacama Atabites rather than sand (these are delta shaped chips that interlock together and are more effective than sand).

Why pick this height?

The Atacama Nexus 10i is a 1m (39.4″) high (excluding spikes), an ideal choice for positioning smaller speakers at a higher level (such as surround speakers) or if your listening position is at a higher position. When selecting speaker stands, consider your general listening level and speaker size. As a general rule of thumb, you want the speaker’s tweeter to be at ear level. Feel free to call us for speaker stand advice if you are not sure which stands would suit your speakers.