Monslavat Piano Black


The unique Monsalvat system is designed for the purest musicality and the most intelligible performance yet, regardless of volume levels. Verity Audio engineers spared no effort in achieving absolute musical fulfilment, their ultimate goal for our premier sound system. It features unique bass rendition through boundary radiation and time delay alignment. The system also includes Verity’s innovative custom-designed Pro-6 digital crossover, which offers solely the highest standards of filtering and digitization. Only prime materials were deemed suitable for the Monsalvat, a top-of-the-line product that leaves no place for compromise. Its impressive array of first-rate transducers reproduces every note down to the deepest octave with an amazing degree of precision.

Over the years, our research in sound reproduction has shown that a multi-amplified loudspeaker achieves optimal performance when the entire system is linked to identical amplifiers. The bass towers of the Monsalvat are not amplified by default, giving you full latitude with your choice of amplification options so you can link all modules to corresponding electronics. An array of three Verity Audio Monsalvat Amp-250 or Amp-60 will excel in this task, letting the true beauty of your music shine through.