Purist Audio design

Audiophiles continually try different combinations of equipment in the quest to improve their sound systems. Unfortunately, no one type of connector exists that works with all types of components. A preamplifier might have RCA outputs, for example, while the amplifier has XLR inputs. How are they to be connected?

Purist Audio Design offers the solution: an array of adapters to connect any two pieces of equipment in a system. XLR can be linked to RCA, RCA to XLR, RCA to BNC, XLR to Fischer, and RCA to LEMO. Perhaps even a Y-connector is required. Quite simply, Purist Audio Design can make whatever the music lover needs.

Purist Audio Design adapters use only the highest-quality metals: copper, silver, gold, even special alloys. They are fabricated in a single rigid construction, maintaining the integrity of the connection and avoiding sound degradation. Purist Audio Design can provide precisely the adapters needed to reveal the full potential of the audiophile’s unique combination of equipment.

Multiple Combinations

  • RCA to BNC
  • BNC to RCA
  • RCA to XLR
  • XLR to RCA
  • RCA “Y”
  • XLR “Y”
  • XLR to RCA “Y”
  • RCA to XLR “Y”
  • Speaker Jumper 20cm Banana or Spade 4 Piece
  • AC 20A/M IECC to 15A/F IECC
  • AC 15A/M IECC to 20A/F IECC
  • Phono Din Adapter (Alows you to use a set of Phono RCA to RCA cables with a Tonearm input)