AC Power Extension

Purist Audio design

Purist Audio Design is proud to introduce an improved AC Power Extension. This smaller unit is now available in 3 duplex (for U.S. style plugs) or 6 schuko (for European style plugs). The chassis is completely redesigned with a special aluminum alloy. We’ve added increased dampening for the chassis that limits mechanical vibration. Purist uses proprietary passive filtering to protect the sound and not interfere with it (as with some active filtering technologies). In addition, resonator tubes are utilized and these are tuned to a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz depending on country. They help to passively filter out noises generated by electricity that is flowing through the outlet and does not limit voltage or current. Yet, it eliminates noise frequencies that are beyond these cycles. The internal wiring is the same technology used in our upper line power cords. Our engineers also carefully selected, and matched Furutech Outlets and an IEC Inlet that would meet our high specifications as well as the demanding audiophile’s needs. The Purist Audio Design AC Power Extension delivers optimum performance for your prized audio system!