25TH Anniversary Speaker Cables

Purist Audio design

Purist Audio Design is continually working on cable designs to immerse the audiophile in the joy and passion of music. The result is the 25th Anniversary Cable Line. Jim and our engineers spent countless man-hours designing the core conductors for this line of cables, including enhancing the Ferox shielding, code-named Ferox x103. The speaker cables utilize a combination of silver-stranded and solid-core copper single crystal in a four cable configuration. The expertly engineered 25th Anniversary cable line includes interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. It has the ability to reveal the inner beauty of music! Help us celebrate 25 years of music through the science of sound by sitting back, relaxing, and listening.

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Custom for Your System

The audiophile aims for the highest quality and best sound possible. We offer the 25th Anniversary line in two different configurations, with customization available upon request:

  • Standard Speaker
  • Bi-Wire Speaker

These speaker cables come in a four (4) cable set, with an individual positive cable and individual negative cable for each channel.

The 25th Anniversary Speaker Cables come standard with:

  • Purist’s newly designed interchangeable spade/banana.

These are our best connectors yet! They are crafted from beryllium copper with silver plating and then a final gold plating.

Or, you might consider:

  • WBT Spades
  • WBT Bananas

If your system demands a custom configuration, please contact us. We’re able to custom-build to fit your needs. All 25th Anniversary Speaker Cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.